- Personal Details

Name: Sami Ahmari

Date of Birth: 21/03/1981

Address: No.16 Golestan Alley,Farhang Street,First Valfajr 1 Street,Urmia,

West Azerbaijan IRAN.

Postal code: 57197 94334

Tel: +98914 388 4956


I. Education:

Islamic Azad University (IAU)- Urmia branch 2010

B.S., Electrical Engineering

Overall GPA: 13.88/20

Thesis Referee score: 20/20

Islamic Azad university miyaneh branch 2004

Collage of electronic

Overall GPA: 13.95/20

Final Project :20/20

II. Qualifications:



Evaluating Success of Innovation Ideas in Social Computing Technologies Using Fuzzy Expert System (Case        Study: WBB Platform) accepted for The 3rd FTRA International Conference on Mobile, Ubiquitous, and   Intelligent Computing (MUSIC 2012)

• Registered patent titled fully automated earth fuse Tehran Iran, 2011

• bachelor Thesis “ Embedded webserver for microcontrollers

• Registered patent titled fully automated high voltage impulse generator Tehran, Iran, 2008.


English: My TOEFL (IBT) report is: Reading:27/30 , Listening:22/30 , Speaking 20/30 , Writing 17/30. Overall score : 86

Persian: (fluent)

Turkish: (fluent)

Azeri: (fluent)

Computer skills:

Design Softwares : Protel, PSpice, AutoCAD , MATLAB

Programming : C#, C, Assembly, ARM7 microcontrollers family lpc2xxx and cortex m3, lpc17xx programming with IAR and KEIL ide , ATMEL AVR microcontrollers family programming with WINAVR , CODEVISION and AVR STUDIO

Operating Systems : android 2.1+, windows CE 6 and 5 ,RTOS , uCOS

Current Concentrations:

• Head of design team for automatic data collecting pilot project of Assessment of oral and dental health status (as a world oral health program) for ministry of health of IR.IRAN

• Improving android programming skills

• Writing a book , digital LED message boards and displays


Ultra wide band high power noise generator

Tasvirgaran, Ltd., Co, IRAN, Orumiyeh

Designed to generate hi power electromagnetic impulse for testing the electronic device’s shield protection

Multi color message board

designed for Ghostar Ava, ltd.

system have a big LED display to show animations and messages that stored on a SD/HC memory stick with an AVR family micro controller .the product upgraded several times like Ethernet connection between software and hardware , wireless LAN to connect to the networks and many graphical prepared effects.

Automatic vehicle tracker

designed for Ghostar Ava, ltd.

Devices send geographic coordinates through the GPRS internet network to the server to realtime locating the vehicles and archive all the activities in a database for further reports. Also the server software can show all devices on maps of various servers like Google or Bing .

Public transportation electronic ticketing

designed for Ghostar Ava, ltd.

The project has been designed to replace paper tickets with MIFARE RFID touchless credit card. The system also has a seven inch touch panel based on windows CE to manage the doors and control the payments , data center stores all gathered data through GPRS and reserved WIFI networks for additional reports and backup .

Earth fuse

In fuel unloading facilities it is very important to connect the earth connection between fuels thank and the earth , but unfortunately there was not any system to measure online the quality of earth connection. we design a microcontroller based device to measure online  the quality of earth .

Webbase adjustable I/O

This is a multipurpose embedded device with 8 analog to digital input, 8 digital input and 8 digital output device that connect to the specific website . It is possible to access the A/D and digital input values on a web browser also adjust the values of each digital output remotely through the internet web page .

Truss structures stress measurement system

This system has been designed for Architecture Student’s competition to measure stability of each team’s structure’s spot stress, maximum stress and Maximum tolerated pressure for each structure , also Automatic ranking of teams based on the value of efficiency or tolerated stress.

III. Experiences:

1.1. Work experiences :

• Ghostar Ava , Ltd, Iran , Urmia , Iran

Technical Director 11/2007 – 04/2010

Become a Vice Chairman of the Board in spring of 2009 also One of the four shareholder of the Company,

• Tasvirgaran, Ltd., Co, IRAN, Orumiyeh

Researcher – 05/2004 –03/2006Research on high power Electromagnetic impulse effects on electronic devices and protection solutions

1.2. Teaching experiences:

Ministry of Education

Teacher 08/2007 till present

I am an employee of Ministry of Education and start to teach Industrial Electrical in technical high school of PETROSHIMI located in Orumiyeh , Iran also with my pursuing we start microcontrollers courses for first time this year with 20 students .

IV. Interests:


Research interests:


• Telemetry system based on Machine to Machine technologies through internet network.

• Embedded technology Realtime operating systems.

• Artificial intelligence and robotic.

• Image processing.

Personal interests:


• I was a member of Iran national mountaineering Team. We had two Successful ascents to the summit SPANTIK in Karakorum located in Himalaya of Pakistan in the years 2003 and 2004.

• First place in provincial Snowboard racing competitions in 02/2009.

• First winter climbing of Mount Dalanper 3540 meter above sea level with a team attempt in winter 2001

• First snowboard descends of summits Buzsina, Pinar and Sesoo , they located in North West of Iran close to Iran and turkey border.

• Member of the mountaineering Board of West Azerbaijan state 2006-2009

• Member of HELAL E AHMAR ( RED CROSS ) mountain rescue technical committee 2005-2008

• Receive sport climbing coach certificate April 2003.


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